New Salvaged Wood Urns

Salvaged Redwood Urn Portland Natural Caskets has a bunch of new urns that are made from salvaged woods grown here in the Pacific northwest. These are some really handsome works of art. The urn shown above is salvaged redwood burl! It is really quite an amazing piece of wood.

You can see the available urns by clicking through them in the header above.

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Natural Burial Association Pacific Northwest

Here is a new source for information on Natural “Green” Burial in the pacific northwest. 

The Natural Burial Association is a group of local green burial advocates that will provide information to those families that seek it. The Natural Burial Association PNW will also hold events with the educate folks on the subject.

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Caskets now Available at Cornerstone in Boring Oregon

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PNCC Caskets now available at Autumn

Our caskets are now for sale at Autumn Funerals in Tigard Oregon.

They are a really nice bunch of folk there and here is the web address.

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Mid-Century Modern Cremation Urns Now Available

Mid-Century Modern Urns:

There are many wooden urns available both online and in funeral homes. While there are many styles, most all of them look very similar. It is rare to see a cremation urn that is truly stylish. Most cremation urns are made to be non-assuming, and fit well in any home. If we are going to display an urn, why not make it a well designed mid century modern urn? Why not make it a beautiful piece of furniture that you will be proud to display?

This is PNCC’s first modern urn. It is maple and walnut (both FSC certified). The front is a faux drawer. The remains load from the rear. The urn holds over 200 cubic inches.  The finish is an earth friendly linseed oil/bee’s wax combination.

Earth friendly, and Modern!






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PNCC in “The Bee” Newspaper

Yet another newspaper mention! Thanks “BEE”!

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We’re in the Green living Journal

We are mentioned in the winter (2009/2010) edition of the Green living journal! 

Elizabeth of Cornerstone Funeral Services wrote the artical on green burial and was very kind to include Portland Natural Caskets. 

You can find the article here, and it is available at many local reailers and restaurants.

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Another newspaper article includes us!!

On December 1st the Vanguard wrote an article on green burial.

They were nice enough to mention Portland Natural Caskets! The article can be found here.

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PNCC in the Oregonian Newspaper

Portland Natural Caskets was mentioned in the Oregonian newspaper.  The story can be found here. 

Sadly, I am misquoted in the article, but it is great to see green burial in the news!!

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Pinball Publishing blogs about PNCC

I had my business cards printed at Pinball Publishing. They are a great printer in Portland that offers good eco-friendly options. They were super friendly, and easy to work with. I just noticed that they have a blog post about PNCC, and the cards.


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